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Pet Tracker

GPS Tracker to hang on the collar of your dog.

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With the Pet Tracker you will be able to :

  • Locate your pet in real time
  • Find your pet in a few clicks
  • Go on holiday with a peaceful mind!

pet tracker for dogs

abonnement balise gps   Monthly subsciption per tracker : 5.99€  

The subscription is taken out after receiving the GPS Tracker when it is activated. (12 months commitment).

Features of the GPS Tracker :

Localisation GPS en temps réel Real-time GPS Tracking with no distance limit
of all your GPS Trackers
Suivi des trajets Trip reports (distance, time, trip)
with 12 months data history
Suivi des trajets SOS button to send an alert you with 
GPS location anywhere
Application de géolocalisation gps Log in  to your user account from a computer,
a smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world
Surveillance de zones  Geofencing areas and movement alerts with
push notifications to your smartphone
Accès depuis ordinateurs et smartphones Battery with up to 5 days of autonomy and 
low battery alert sent to your smartphone

How does the GPS tracker work  ?

The gps tracker attaches directly to your dog's collar with its ultra-resistant silicone support.

The GPS tracker works with the geolocation platform www.jelocalise.fr from a smartphone or a computer.

The GPS tracker has 3 operating modes varying the frequency of updating the locations and its autonomy :

Mode GPS fequency Autonomy
balise gps power 60 secondes 24 hours
balise gps batterie eco 5 minutes 2 days
balise gps veille 30 minutes 5 days

balise gps portative

Application for smartphones and tablets

The free jelocalise application allows you to locate your GPS trackers from your smartphone or tablet.

jelocalise application is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhone and iPad.

application jelocalise sur iphone application jelocalise sur android

application mobile jelocalise

Where does the GPS tracker work ?

The portable GPS tracker works in France on the Orange LTE-M network (similar to 4G coverage).

You can see the coverage of the LTE-M network in France on the map below : 

Outside the places covered by your subscription, the GPS tracker will not be able to send data.

Manuel Mini & Pet Tracker LTEM

Manuel utilisateur Mini & Pet Tracker LTEM

Download (879.1KB)
Product Details
traceur gps Pet Tracker
Data sheet
Length 5 cm
Width 4 cm
Thickness 1.6 cm
Weight 36 g
Battery life up to 5 days
Monthly subscription 5.99 €
Waterproof Yes