Help - Frequently asked questions

How can I cancel y subscription ?

cancel gps tracker   If you no longer have a 12-month commitment :
Connect to your User account with a PC on our website then in the Subscriptions section click on Unsubscribe for each desired device.

How can I update the credit card of a subscription ?

update gps tracker subscription   To change the credit card associated with the subscription to one or more GPS tracker, connect to your user account from a computer then in the Subscriptions section for each GPS tracker click on Update informations. You must do this for each subscription associated with this credit card.

How to reactivate a terminated GPS tracker ?

activate gps tracker   To reactivate a GPS tracker whose subscription has been canceled, you just need to order a new sim card, insert it by following our instructions in your GPS tracker upon delivery and take out a new subscription. To order a sim card click here

How do I download my subscription invoices  ?

download invoice   The invoices for your monthly subscriptions are available from your user space on the Subscriptions page. For each GPS tracker you can retrieve the associated invoices in the My invoices tab.

Can I have several GPS trackers on my account ?

order gps trackers   You can have as many GPS trackers registered to the same account as you want.

What software do I need to install ?

gps tracking software   Access to your personal space can be done from your computer's internet browser or our dedicated applications compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android.

How do I delete my user account ?

delete account   To delete your user account, simply connect to your user space from a PC, in the User Menu click on Personal data. You can choose to download your data or request its deletion.

What happens when GPS tracker has no network ?

gps tracker network   In the absence of an internet network, the GPS tracker will not be able to communicate with our servers and therefore cannot be located. As soon as the internet connection is restored, the GPS tracker will start sending GPS positions again. In the absence of a GPS signal (when you are in a building for example) no position will be sent.

Do you need a subscription for your GPS trackers ?

gps trackers   To activate and operate our GPS trackers, a subscription is necessary (12-month commitment) at a price of € 5.99 per month per GPS tracker.

In which countries do GPS trackers work ?

gps tracking europe   You will find the list of countries covered for each type of product directly at the bottom of its description sheet.

What is GPS geolocation ?

geolocation   GPS geolocation is a way to locate very precisely (within 10 meters) a person or object on the planet by using satellites to obtain its GPS coordinates and display them on a map. It is the same technique that is used for GPS navigation in cars.