gps tracker for vehicles
gps tracker for vehicles
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GPS Tracker EasyTracker for Vehicles

GPS Tracker for vehicles : quick and easy installation ! 

Compatible with all kind of vehicles : cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, motor homes, boats

gps tracker for any vehicle

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This GPS Tracker allows you to : 

  • Locate your vehicle in real time
  • Manage a fleet of vehicles
  • Protect your vehicle from theft
  • Consult the travel history

balise gps pour véhicules

Monthly subscription per GPS tracker : 5,99€ including the operation of the product throughout Europe and access to the service. No additional charges.
(12 month commitment)

The subscription is taken out after receiving the GPS Tracker when it is activated..

Do you have several vehicles to equip ? You can order and have as many GPS Trackers as you want on one account.

1. Features of the GPS Tracker :

Localisation GPS en temps réel  Real-time location of the GPS Tracker
Suivi des trajets  Travel reports (distance, duration...)
Historique de données de 12 mois  12 months data history
Surveillance de zones  Geofencing with alerts
Accès depuis ordinateurs et smartphones  Access from a computer or smartphone
Batterie interne de secours  Internal battery
Alerte en cas de débranchement  Alert in case of disconnection
Alerte en cas de débranchement  Internal memory in case of no network

2. How does the GPS Tracker work ?

The GPS Tracker is easily installed in any vehicle and can be easily hidden thanks to its small size and length of cable.

The GPS Tracker is also waterproof which allows it to be installed outside the passenger compartment (under the hood for example).

Simply plug it into the vehicle's battery lugs or any 9 to 36 volt power source.

The GPS tracker is compatible with the following vehicles : 

- Cars
- Trucks
- Motorcycles
- Construction machinery
- Boats
- Camping car…
traceur gps pour véhicules

The GPS Tracker automatically updates its position when your vehicle is in motion, every 60 seconds and when there is a change in direction.

You can track your vehicle's movements from your computer or smartphone in real time and view the history of all trips without any limitation.

Detailed reports with statistical tables of all the journeys of your vehicles equipped with our GPS Trackers are available from your user area, they can also be exported in PDF and Excel format. The routes can also be displayed on the main map with the details of the positions.

géolocalisation de véhicules

3. The app for smartphones and tablets

The free jelocalise application allows you to locate your GPS trackers from your smartphone or tablet.

jelocalise application is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhone and iPad.

application jelocalise sur iphone  application jelocalise sur android

application mobile jelocalise

application mobile jelocalise

In which countries does the GPS tracker work?

Metropolitan France, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal , Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden (coverage includes all these countries at no extra cost).

Outside the places covered by your subscription, the GPS beacon tracker not be able to send data.

Manuel utilisateur Easy Tracker

Manuel utilisateur de la balise gps Easy Tracker

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Product Details
balise gps easy tracker
Data sheet
Length 7,3 cm
Width 4,6 cm
Thickness 2,4 cm
Weight 50 g
Monthly subscription 5.99 €
Warranty 1 year
Waterproof Yes
Power consumption 15 - 50 mAh
Power supply 12 to 36 Volts